How ‘Science’s First Mistake’ came into being.

We are both ex-scientists (a mathematician and physicist respectively), and it would be fair to say that quite independently both of us felt slightly uneasy when it came to the rigid methods of science, and their effects. Although we have each spent a large proportion of our lives carrying out experiments, dealing with numbers etc., we both had nagging doubts about the validity of what we were doing, but we couldn’t quite put our fingers on the problem.

We both felt uncomfortable with the orthodoxy of a science that is forever seeking after truth, but the alternative was too radical to contemplate. Both of us had individually reflected on our doubts, but as proper natural scientists we had been taught to suppress them. As part of our scientific upbringing, we had learned to believe that science allows us to explore the path to truth … that with science we could seek out reality.

The discomfort for both of us grew independently stronger over time and our doubts about the universal validity of the scientific method grew stronger as we began discussing the issues. And as our ideas started to take shape, they eventually became too strong to ignore. We resolved to write a book so that we could structure these ideas into some coherent form.

This book is ‘Science’s First Mistake’.

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