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Ron Paul’s Liberty Report analysis on scientism

We wholeheartedly agree with the analysis of Jonathan Newman for Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, and would go even further to say that science itself, not just scientism, is at issue. Our analysis may be found in our book Science’s First … Continue reading

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Finally: Paperback available in the United States.

After a few issues and with a delay of a couple of months, it’s finally here. The paperback version of Science’s First Mistake is available in the United States. If you’re in the US, help us spread the word by … Continue reading

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Article: Truth & Science (Science & Medical Network)

The Science & Medical network asked us to write an article about Truth and Science. Click below to read the pdf version of it, as it was published in the Journal of the Science and Medical Network. Click here to … Continue reading

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Science’s First Mistake out in Paperback!

After the hardback version of the book had a great run, our publisher has now made the book available in paperback! This means that the book is available at a more accessible price (£18). Check here for orders through Amazon. … Continue reading

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We are not against science; just read what follows.

Quite often, people ask us why we are “against science” and why we have chosen such a controversial title for our book. To find a full explanation for the latter you’ll just have to read the Epilogue to the book. … Continue reading

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Debate at the Science’s Museum Dana Centre

Ian Angell will be taking part in  “an evening of informal, intelligent and exciting chat” on the evening of 27th January 2011 between 7pm and 8.45pm, at The Science Museum’s Dana Centre, 
165 Queen’s Gate, 
South Kensington, 
SW7 5HD. … Continue reading

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Two/‘two’ is a Paradoxical Number

The number One is singular; unique. Indeed, each number is unique. Each is an abstraction that occurs just once. What is more, the only property a number can have must be arithmetical. Numbers are not coloured, or scratched, or lop-sided … Continue reading

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It wasn’t only Schrödinger who had a cat. Ian had one as well. Oscar is back!

After Ian appeared on Laurie Taylor’s Thinking Allowed to talk about Science’s First Mistake, BBC Radio 4 received a number of comments from listeners – surprisingly the majority was supportive of our position. However, some of Laurie’s humanist contacts objected … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 interview

To listen to the BBC Radio 4 interview of Ian Angell on Science’s First Mistake, follow this link here and then use the slider of the player to move to 18.00/28.30.  

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Comments on Stephen Hawking’s ‘The Grand Design’

The Grand Design, the latest book of Professors Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, has caused great offence in religious circles. Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders have lined up to say that Hawking is misguided in claiming that God was not … Continue reading

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