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It wasn’t only Schrödinger who had a cat. Ian had one as well. Oscar is back!

After Ian appeared on Laurie Taylor’s Thinking Allowed to talk about Science’s First Mistake, BBC Radio 4 received a number of comments from listeners – surprisingly the majority was supportive of our position. However, some of Laurie’s humanist contacts objected … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 interview

To listen to the BBC Radio 4 interview of Ian Angell on Science’s First Mistake, follow this link here and then use the slider of the player to move to 18.00/28.30.  

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Comments on Stephen Hawking’s ‘The Grand Design’

The Grand Design, the latest book of Professors Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, has caused great offence in religious circles. Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders have lined up to say that Hawking is misguided in claiming that God was not … Continue reading

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Free Download of “Science’s First Mistake”

corrected post: Please Follow the ‘Free Download’ from the Top Menu.

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What is Science’s First Mistake?

So what is Science’s First Mistake? If you are looking for the long answer you will have to read our book, which took us over six years and literally hundreds of revisions. Our short (and hence superficial) answer is that … Continue reading

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What is Intelligence?

Science’s First Mistake claims that each cognitive species generates delusions that are used to describe patterns filtered from observations of its ‘world’. An individual then uses such patterns to make its way in the world. However, these patterns are based … Continue reading

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How ‘Science’s First Mistake’ came into being.

We are both ex-scientists (a mathematician and physicist respectively), and it would be fair to say that quite independently both of us felt slightly uneasy when it came to the rigid methods of science, and their effects. Although we have … Continue reading

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