‘Readers say..’

“Excellent and ground breaking. Very well written. Engaging in reading. It is a much needed and original contribution, which will become a key reference in contemporary academic social sciences thinking ” — Professor Fernardo Ilharco, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa

” Overall, I think this is potentially a very interesting and important book, and the authors are probably two of the very few who would attempt this and that might just succeed. It is clearly somewhat of a risky book for a publisher but as in all such risks the rewards are potentially high ” — Professor Guy Fitzgerald, Department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University 

“Heavily requested Item” says the jacket cover on my copy from the British Library and I can see why. A real firebrand writing style by the authors keeps you on your toes as they present their diatribe against theory or as their subtitle says “Delusions in Pursuit of Theory.” Only 30 pages in but plenty to cogitate on. The other reason of course it is in high demand is that this is currently only available in hardback at nearly £50 a copy. For once this is an academic book you would hope the publishers Bloomsbury will move quickly to put it into paperback for the wider academic community, students, graduates and the general reader. ”  — Tim Harrap (comment on Linkedin)

“I have just finished reading Science’s First Mistake. I loved the book for 2 reasons: the critical observing lens of the authors and the use of real-life examples for the deconstruction of human perceptions. Although the reading of the book can become challenging at times, at the end I noticed that I have changed the way I study the world around me. And that – I believe – is the primary aim of the authors.” — George (comment on Amazon)